Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Billy Taylor Discusses His New Book, ”The Winning Link”

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My guest for Episode #466 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is a returning guest, Billy Taylor. Since his last appearance, Billy has written and released a great book titled The Winning Link: A Proven Process to Define, Align, and Execute Strategy at Every Level.

Billy had a long career at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, where he served as plant director for both union and non-union facilities, leading lean transformations in Goodyear's largest and most complex tire-producing sites. Billy more recently founded his firm LinkedXL, where he is CEO.

He was previously a guest in Episodes 293 and 298, back in 2017. He was also a guest on Episode 5 of “My Favorite Mistake.”

Questions, Notes, and highlights:

  • Before we talk about your book, what stood out to you most at the AME conference this year?
  • How to understand the level of trust? How do build it??
  • “Coaching leaders on how to show up”
  • Productive huddles – Key Performance Actions (KPA)
  • What is “title-itis”?
  • Best people… best processes
  • Defining winning — why is that a challenge for some organizations? Lack of agreement on what winning means?
  • Purpose mapping – agreeing on this first?
  • Developing your strategy — how do we know if a strategy is the “right” strategy?? Truly differentiating??
  • What's your CPI – critical performance indicator? 
  • “Have you defined what winning means to you?”
  • SOAP – Strategy on a Page
  • Aligning to win — As you write — Making jobs better not making jobs go away?
  • “America… not a hiring problem… a retention problem”
  • Psychological Safety
  • “Covid changed the way we do business”

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